Common Questions

What if I miss a class?  You're allowed to miss up to 3 classes, but you must make them up before you can take your final exam.  Classes are made up one at a time during another class session.  View our calendar to find a time that works for you.

How do I schedule my drives? Your drive account will be activated by the 2nd week of class.  You will need your permit number and birthdate to access your account.  This account is available 24/7, so please cancel a drive as soon as you know you are unable to keep the appointment to avoid a $25 cancellation fee.

Can my friends ride in the car with me and my supervising adult while driving with my permit?  Students driving under the supervision of a licensed driver of five years or more are allowed to have passengers in the vehicle.  However, it is up to the licensed adult to determine if passengers present a distraction to the learning driver.