"Thank you for the wonderful experience our son had in Driver's Ed.  Not only were you thorough instructors, but you made it fun for him.  We appreciate your hard work and the extra effort put into scheduling his drives.  He will no longer be a "hostage" in the back seat... ha, ha"
Nancy - Walla Walla

  "I just want to let you know how much my son enjoyed your drivers ED class.  He was very reluctant at first.  He is shy and is not comfortable with new people.  He had such a good time in your class!  When it was over he told me that he wished that it was not, because he enjoyed the class so much and made new friends.  Because he had so much fun, I think it made it easier to learn.  He aced the final test at the end. Thanks again for such a great experience for my son.  I will definitely be sending my other son to your school when he gets old enough."
Trisha - Walla Walla


"Everything about this school is 100%, including the teachers."  Jeff, Walla Walla

"E Street was great!  I learned alot! I would recommend it to everyone."  Hayden, Walla Walla

"I loved the class!  The instructors for in class and in the car were awesome.  I couldn't wait to come to driver's ed.  It was just an awesome experience."  Silas, Walla Walla

"I was talking to my friend today after school about how I am bummed because I don't know what I'm gonna do after school anymore since driver's ed is over today......." Kylie, Walla Walla